Immergence Series - 2004
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Each of these pieces begins with a recognisable landscape image which, over the duration of the film, is broken down or obscured through a material process.

In Immergence the original image is interrupted by the introduction of plumes of ink; these gradually spread through the landscape, eventually obscuring it.

In Forms of Forgetting a photographic image of a landscape has its surface scarred and finally obliterated by the action of two fighting pens.

In Vanishing Point the same image is documented as it dissolves in a bleach solution; the pigments gradually separate from the surface of the photographic paper to create an abstract impression of the original landscape.

Immergence: SD Video, 14:OO mins, colour, silent, 2004
Forms of Forgetting: SD Video, 02:17 mins, colour, sound, 2004
Vanishing Point: SD Video, 6:38 mins, colour silent, 2005

Forms of Forgetting

Vanishing Point