The Emigrant - 2010
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This work takes archetypal imagery relating to exile (unpeopled landscapes, abandoned houses, departing shores, the wake of a ship) and manipulates it to create a series of impossible spaces - part interior, part landscape. It explores the idea of exile as a slippage between the real place and the remembered place and turns this into a series of visual propositions. It does this by playing with the displacement inherent to representation itself – the tension within an image between material surface and illusory depth, and between real and imaginary space.

Two of the films have accompanying soundtracks combining instrumental and natural sounds. Each film is looped and of varying length, creating a changing soundscape and set of image combinations.

Three-Screen Installation
Video & CGI Composite, colour, sound, 2010

The Emigrant #1: 09:25 min
The Emigrant #2: 10:30 min
The Emigrant #3: 09:23 min

The Emigrant #1

The Emigrant #2

The Emigrant #3